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  • Play Chess
  • Play Ukulele
  • Rock Climb
  • Automate my Workflow
  • Jane Street Puzzles (check me on the leaderboard!)
  • Project Euler
  • Running Slowly (ran my first marathon!)

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  • Cornell Univerity
  • Math and Economics
  • Graph Spotlight!

    Any graph that helps me track my progress and remind me of my goals.

    Weeks Left 😶

    A bit morbid, but a graph representing the number of weeks left in my life. The x-axis represents the week of a given year and the y-axis represents years. I've used 82 years, based on the Office of the Chief Actuary.

    Every time I look at this graph, my heart pounds a little faster. Still, there's nothing like remembering one's mortality to get you to stop procrastining!

    Weeks Left

    x-axis: Week of year (out of 52) | y-axis: Year (out of 82)